Who are we and why are we different?

At Toronto Real Estate center, we are the only known to public Real Estate Brokerage in Ontario with this unique 100% commission Cash Back program for our Buyers who have found the desired property they want to buy on their own.

We are a Boutique Style Real Estate Brokerage working now in the entire Ontario. Our real estate brokerage has been in the real estate business since the beginning of the year 2006 and during all this time, we have helped hundreds of our clients to find and purchase their dream homes, selling their properties, making real estate investments and etc.

We are an exclusive Buyer agent brokerage now. We help our buyers to save a large sum of money via our excellent Buying Negotiation Skills. In addition, we hand over 100% of our 2.5% of the Selling Price Commission to our Buyers who find their desired property of their own with a small Flat-Fee of $5,000 + HST.

This Promotion is uniquely favourable for Tech-Savvy Home Buyers who are familiar with finding a property on their own. They choose us to represent them in the Buying transaction as they are very knowledgeable knowing that the listing agent is protecting the best interests of the Sellers. Our Buyers know that the listing agent can never be fully representing the buyers in a transaction as they have the fiduciary obligations to protect their own clients – The Vendors.

Our Home Purchasers choose us in order to receive all the real estate services to the highest standards that must and should be provided to any Home Buyer during a purchase transaction but receiving all these services virtually in exchange for a small fee of $5,000 only. Our Buyers choose us because they will receive all of the 2.5% Purchase Price Commission as a thank you Bonus to our Tech-Savvy and Proactive Buyers who have done all the searching and house hunting job on their own and have found their dream property, have already successfully processed the pre-approved financing requirements and are now ready to make an offer.

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Price and quality have always been crucial considerations in purchasing decisions, but more of our Buyers are looking for financing options. We at Toronto Real Estate Centre have negotiated a contract with an “A Lender” who offers a very unique mortgage product called: “Equity Lending“. We, therefore, provide also financing solutions by referring our clients, other realtors’ clients to this A Lender (that is our main mortgage partner for the entire Ontario). For the rest of our clients who don’t qualify Equity Lending with this “A Lender”, we may provide financing solutions through our other financial resources.

We can help in gaining a competitive edge by providing Financing to even our international Buyers. Our Broker of Record – Shoren Konstantin – is also a licensed Mortgage Agent. For the more straight forward mortgage deals, we obtain mortgages from a few charter banks and other A Lenders and for more challenging financing cases, we have access to over 230 Lenders that Shoren works with through her mortgage brokerage.

You are in the right hands with Toronto Real Estate Centre when it comes to all sorts of real estate activities. Call us if you are buying, selling, downsizing, up-sizing, upgrading, looking to purchase real estate investments and rental properties or simply refinancing your existing mortgage for all various reasons including equity takeout. Providing flexible financing arrangements can be the key to a successful real estate transaction, differentiating us from our competitors. We are increasing our clients’ loyalty! Enabling our clients to make purchases through us that they might otherwise have not been able to afford at this time.

We are a client-focused based brokerage. Our Broker of Record – Shoren Konstantin – is more than happy to walk you through the process of any real estate transactions of purchasing, selling properties or refinancing. She is a phone call away. Contact Shoren Konstantin directly through a text message at her cell number: 416-250-9090.

Our Real Estate Services

We provide our virtual Real Estate Services to our Savvy Home Buyers for the entire Ontario. These services include the purchase of Real Estate Residential and Commercial Properties.

2.5% of the Purchase Price of our Commission in Cash-Back awaits our Savvy Buyers. For more information, please review our 100% Buyer Commission Cash-Back offer “here”.

Creating an income generating Property

We can help you to convert your detached or semi-detached house into two legal apartments by creating a suitable design, obtaining the building permits from the City and assisting you in the renovation phase and post renovation. These above mentioned services are reserved to our clients only.

Refinancing and or Purchasing a Secondary Property

We can help you to takeout equity from your house by refinancing with this particular “A Lender” or other financial institutions of your choice, find you another property to purchase and move into. The original property can be rented as is or converted into two legal units for more rental income.

You may decide to convert your purchased property into two legal units as well.

Call and book an appointment for more details about every single one of our services that you might need to hire us for.